About Jawaja Lether

JLA, A Constituent of the ARTISAN alliance Jawaja - AAJ, Established around 1975 is a group of local artisans comprising from the remote villages surrounding the BEAWAR city which includes JAWAJA, BEAWAR KHAS, SARGAON etc. in District AJMER in Rajasthan state (INDIA). All are famous for AGE-OLD Traditional art of Making handicraft goods from NATURAL LEATHER and COLORS.
Established by Shri ASHOK CHATERJEE, the erstwhile Director of IIM AHMEDABAD in early nineteen seventies. Now this group of ARTISANS and the product have come to and age and widely accepted through out the world. These are UNIQUE PRODUCTS and are the SPECIALTIES of the LOCAL ARTISANS ONLY.
JAWAJA LEATHER ASSOCIATION, is working as the marketing agency for the ARTISANS and selling the goods on their behalf for their up liftmentment.
Since inception, the group has democratic system of Governance and it's body of Goverance which includes the president, vice president and secretary are elected from the local ARTISANS only from time to time. ...Read More...


Quality Policy

Research and Development along with systematic documentation and publications in all fields of Natural/Conservation/ Environmental Leather.

Our Vision & Mission

“For well over 300 years leatherwork has been the primary occupation of a particular group of artisans in Rajasthan, India. This group is adept in the preparation and tanning of hides and few could match their skill in the making of saddles, harness or tackle. In the past they were sought after to furnish the leather armour for the cavalry. Historically, they have also produced containers for gathering and storing water and Juti, the ornamented neck belts and face decoration of heard animals


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